About us

Erimover is a Finnish health and wellness company with international thoughts. We plan and carry out health and wellness experiences for anyone seeking to inspire and motivate their employees, whether they be a company, charitable association, or public sector institution. 


Erimover took the stage in 2013 and today employs over 100 health and fitness professionals across the country. What drives us is a passion for a world with a lot more wellbeing in it. We’re working towards that world by crafting a diverse range of cutting-edge health and wellbeing experiences. 


Erimover was born out of a lifelong passion for fitness, the open sea, and fearless entrepreneurship. We wanted to present a new type of offering to people of all ages, whether they be beginners or fitness enthusiasts. 


What if health and wellbeing services that really worked became a fountain of wellbeing for a community, a country, the world? 


Fearless entrepreneurship has fed new ways of doing things for health and fitness professionals. In truth, we want to be a guiding light for other companies employing health and fitness professionals. 


What we stand for 


Our values inspire every move we make. They govern how we go about our work, and they fuel the results we’re known for. Without them, we couldn’t offer the highest quality and results-driven hustle our customers deserve. 


Value no. 1: Trust

Every single day our team speaks to our customers, consumers, and business partners for us. What unites them is their reliability, open-hearted attitude, and loyalty. Sticking to our promises like they’re law makes us a trustworthy partner. 


Value no. 2: Creativity 

New ways of overperforming for our customers, ways that no one’s ever thought of yet, are like the air we breathe. We believe a fun and encouraging environment is a fruitful one. It’s a belief our industry-leading team swears by!

Innovation is the best way to hone your craft. 


Value No. 3: Teamwork 

We value the talent, skill, and ideas every member of our team brings to the table. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who work as one to meet our shared goals.