Ecological exercise & wellness company

We are a wellness company. Not only the well-being of people but that of nature is important to us, as without healthy and thriving nature, the well-being of humans is not possible either.

Travelling by foot, bike or public transportation is not always an option, and sometimes we have to travel by car to move our clients. Erimover reduces its carbon footprint caused by our driven kilometres and activity with our EriForest environmental project. EriForest is a 57 hectare plot of land located in Kiittilä (real estate ID 261-401-7-22) where we plant around 1500 trees annually to absorb and bind many tonnes of carbon dioxide. Finland’s forests function as a carbon sink. EriForest is not just any forest, but is designed according to the mixed forest plan, preserving biodiversity.

Virtually paperless office and activity

At Erimover we actively monitor our paper consumption. We do not want to sacrifice the life of a single tree in vain. We strive to minimize our use of paper and utilize recycled paper for all the paperwork in our office.


At Erimover we reduce our garbage load by actively recycling and sorting. We sort and recycle our waste, therefore minimizing the amount of landfill garbage produced by our office.

Ethical Erimover

Every human being is important to us. We have verified the origin and production chain of all the products bearing our company logo, so everyone can wear our products with a good conscience. Workers who have produced Erimover products have been compensated appropriately for their work and child labour has not been used at any stage of production.